Food Rescue

The Food Rescue Program is an important work of the Food Connection that supports both hungry families and protects the natural resources of our region. Our dedicated team of drivers go to our community partners, grocery stores, restaurants, and farms to collect food which is delivered to our clients in our food bank programs.

Feeding Hungry Families

The food we receive through this program increases both the quantity and quality of food that we are able to distribute and often includes fresh produce and other perishables. Last year, we diverted 466,000 pounds of food that would have otherwise gone to the landfill. This food accounted for 25% of the total food we were able to serve at the St. Leo and Springbrook Mobile Food Banks.

Who to Contact

If you are a food provider in our area and would like to ensure that your extra food feeds hungry families, please contact our Gleaning Coordinator, Felix Strozier, at (253) 383-5048 ext. 1# or at