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“I noticed an immediate difference when you started the mobile food bank. My students no longer came to school hungry on Monday mornings.”

“I love how they help everyone. We’ve had food banks turn us away because of income before. Some months we need help to get by after paying rent and bills. They are always there when we need the help. We try not to but sometimes we fall short. For it my family is very grateful.”

“Some of our families are homeless and this extra food helps so much. One family in particular was living in someone’s garage last school year. The mother was working, but making very little, so the students really appreciated being able to depend on having this food over the weekend. One of our parents is barely scraping by, working two jobs as a single mother and this is one thing that helps.”

1323 S. Yakima Ave. Tacoma, WA 98405

(253) 358-5048