Our hours for volunteers and clients are changing. Check out the St. Leo Food Bank page to see our new schedule, effective Monday, May 13th.

The St. Leo and Springbrook Mobile Food Bank Team

Click the links to find out more about our St. Leo Food Bank, Springbrook Mobile Food Bank, Volunteer and Community Service, and Food Rescue Programs!

Dawn Whitman Caroline Comfort Felix Strozier
Operations Manager Volunteer and Community Gleaning Coordinator
(253) 383-5048 ext. 1#     Service Coordinator (253) 383-5048 ext. 1#
dawnw@foodconnection.org (253) 383-5048 ext. 2# felixs@foodconnection.org
Tecora Miller
Springbrook Mobile
    Food Bank Coordinator
(253) 383-5048 ext. 5#

The Children’s Programs Team

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Claire Finnerty Deborah Hoff
(253) 383-5048 ext. 4# (253) 383-5048 ext. 4#
jv@foodconnection.org childrensfeeding@foodconnection.org

The Administration, Finances, and Fundraising Team

Click the link to find out how to support hungry families through financial donations and donations of food!

Kevin Glackin-Coley Donna Jerome
Director Bookkeeper Fundraising and Events
(253) 383-5048 ext. 3# (253) 272-5136 ext. 109 (253) 383-5048 ext. 0#
keving@foodconnection.org djerome@stleoparish.org development@foodconnection.org


The Leadership Commission

Interested in heading the fight against hunger? Contact our director to find out how you can join our dedicated board of leaders!

Mark Bubenik Kathy Ditcharo Ed Williams
Commission Chair Finance Council Finance Council
Barbara Bartolatz-Littrell Terry Healy Mary Almonte
Commission Member Commission Member Finance Council
Artee Young Colleen Mulligan Fr. Matthew Holland
Commission Member Commission Member Commission Member
Reggie Blackman Chris Gavin
Commission Member Commission Member