It’s One Produce-Filled Summer

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This summer, we partnered with Abe’s Acres, Lincoln High School’s farm to bring fresh produce to our clients. From growing vegetable to handing out their bounty at the food bank, it has been one great partnership.

We would like to thank the Washington Food Coalition for recognizing our partnership with the Lincoln High School Horticultural and Agriculture Programs and other community partners with their 2016 Fresh Results Award. As their director stated in her letter:

“I want to congratulate you as the 2016 Fresh Results Award winner on the tremendous example that your School Garden Food Bank Collaboration program is setting for working with your community to bring fresh produce to low-income folks.

Your partnerships with Lincoln High School Horticulture and Agriculture Programs, Career Technical, Education Department (CTE), SummerJobs253, Abe ‘s Golden Acres after school Club, Plant Biology 3-4 classes, Outdoor Adventure Club After School, and the Tacoma School District, along with the educational piece that drives so much of this program, is incredibly inspiring and a model that we would love to see replicated in other communities. The farm stand set up at your food bank brings a whole new level of dignity to people seeking help and looking for fresh healthy items with which to nourish their families. That young people are involved, learning and interacting with clients, with the earth, and experiencing the full cycle of growth and consumption of fresh produce is remarkable, and can’t help but have an influence that will stay with them throughout their lifetimes.”

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